Google ‘Circle to Search’: The New AI-Powered Search Gesture For Android

Exciting New AI-Powered Features Unveiled by Google for Enhanced Searching Experience!

Google is revolutionizing mobile search with two groundbreaking updates announced today, designed to make searching more intuitive and seamless than ever before.

A New Gesture-Based Search Method: Circle to Search

Introducing Circle to Search: A Gesture-Based Search Method Circle to Search is Google’s latest innovation for Android users, allowing them to effortlessly search anything on their screen by circling or highlighting it. This intuitive in-app searching feature is set to launch globally on January 31st, debuting on Google’s Pixel 8 series and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 devices. By eliminating the need to switch between applications, Circle to Search enhances user experience, providing instant access to information without disrupting the current task.

Multi-search: A Step Forward with AI Integration

Enhanced Multi-search with AI Integration Building upon the success of Multi-search introduced in 2022, Google is taking it to the next level with advanced AI capabilities. Now, users can seamlessly combine image and text searches to receive comprehensive AI-generated answers from various internet sources. Whether you’re curious about a board game at a yard sale or seeking information about unfamiliar objects, Multi-search streamlines the process, delivering curated summaries tailored to your queries. This AI-powered feature is rolling out this week in the U.S. in English, promising to revolutionize the way users explore and learn about the world around them.

Don’t miss out on these game-changing updates from Google, set to transform the searching experience and empower users with instant access to information right at their fingertips!