SSM Polytechnic College Celebrates Grand Success at 61st Annual Athletic Meet

The 61st Annual Athletic Meet at Seethi Sahib Memorial Polytechnic College in Tirur reached new heights of success, graced by the presence of Indian Softball World Cup Team Captain, Mr. Ajmal Ashraf. His participation added a star-studded touch to the Inaugural Ceremony, setting the tone for a thrilling and competitive sports extravaganza.

The Principal, PI Basheer, took the helm during the event’s proceedings, ensuring the smooth flow of activities. Mahir Hassan, the Physical Education Instructor, delivered a warm welcome address, setting the stage for an event that would see remarkable achievements and spirited performances.

The athletic meet witnessed an overwhelming response from students, with around 700 participants, including both students and staff, actively contributing to the success of the sports meet. Their enthusiasm and dedication were evident throughout the various sporting events, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the college community.

In the Sports & Games overall standings, the Civil Department claimed the top position with an impressive 93 points, followed closely by the Electronics Department with 88 points. The Computer Department secured the third position with 84 points, highlighting the competitive spirit and prowess of each department.

Individual achievements took center stage, with Shaheem V (S4) from the Computer Engineering Department named the men’s section individual champion. Avanthika (S4) from the Civil Engineering Department earned the title of individual champion in the women’s category, showcasing exceptional talent and skill.

The Inter-Departmental Football Championship, serving as the grand finale, witnessed the Computer Division students’ team emerging victorious. Their triumph showcased not only individual skills but also teamwork, securing a fitting end to the sports meet.

The closing ceremony, held late in the evening, saw the continued presence of students and staff, reflecting the enduring enthusiasm for the event. Mohamed Ziyad, the Head of Computer Engineering, expressed gratitude for the well-executed program filled with energy and spirit. The sports meet concluded on a patriotic note, with a harmonious rendition of the National Anthem, symbolizing unity and pride among the college community. Overall, the 61st Annual Athletic Meet stands as a testament to the college’s commitment to sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the holistic development of its students.